How to enter

You will be asked to register, choose the category you want to enter and submit details about the entry.

Your entry will consist of two components. One part is a series of answers to the questions below. The second part will contain the main body of your entry.

You will then need to upload an entry photo that represents the project and/or team along with any supporting documents.

Part one:

Answers to the following questions must be provided:

  • Name of the project, team or individual
  • What was the cost?
  • Who provided the funding?
  • How many people were reached?
  • What types of people were reached?
  • How long has the work been running?
  • What makes the work of the project, team or individual stand out?
  • What has been the impact? (provide quantitative AND qualitative information on the impact achieved - the more information you are able to provide, the better)
  • If the work has been commissioned by another organisation, you will need to provide contact details for a senior person at that organisation for verification purposes. We may or may not contact this person.

You will be able to log in to the entry system and amend/add entries up until the closing dates for entries, which is the 7th July 2017.

Part two:

The main body of your entry will consist of a brief description of:

  • Your work
  • The task or challenge
  • What was done
  • How it was done
  • The contributions of any partners
  • What the results or outcomes were
  • What difficulties, if any, were overcome and how

You will need to submit your entry photo, along with any additional supporting material – such as evaluations, inspection reports, testimonials or press cuttings – to back up any statements. Supporting material should be uploaded along with your entry where possible. If this is not possible, then you may post supporting material, clearly stating the entry it is accompanying, to:

Sophie Spencer - Children & Young People Now Awards - St Jude’s Church - Dulwich Road - London - SE24 0PB

Please keep in mind that young people, as well as adult professionals, will be judging each award, so make your entry as young person-friendly as possible. You can enter any number of categories, but the maximum number of categories an initiative can be entered for is three.

It is understood that entries may include commercially sensitive information. Children & Young People Now reserves the right to publish descriptions and case studies of winning entries. But if an entrant asks for any part of their submission to remain confidential, it will.

Sponsor organisations are not allowed to enter the category they have sponsored.

The decisions of the judges are independent and final and no correspondence will be entered into concerning the results.

How much does it cost to enter?

Entry is free thanks to the support of Children & Young People magazine and the sector it has been possible to waive the entry fee (normally £35 for the public and voluntary sectors and £75 for the private sector), which covers the cost of administration and the judging process.

However, there is a cost for late entries. Any entry received after the official closing date without prior agreement will incur a charge of £50 + VAT, irrespective of whether the entry is from the public, voluntary or private sector. This is to cover the extra cost of administration and amendments to the judging packs. If you think your entry will be late then please get in touch immediately with events executive Sophie Spencer on 020 3874 9219 or

Tips for entering

The adult judges and young judges will be looking for a clear description of facts rather than bland statements or unsupported claims of the value of the work. Wherever appropriate, include a description of:

  • The organisation and its aims
  • The work done, the target group, who commissioned it, its aims/targets, and the budget
  • Any research carried out or procedures put in place to guide the work or to determine performance or outcome
  • Particular issues or challenges faced and how these were addressed
  • How the work met or exceeded its goals/targets, or improved outcomes for children and young people
  • How children and young people were involved in shaping the work and in decisions affecting them
  • The partners involved, and the structures or procedures used to ensure joint working
  • How the work was innovative or broke new ground
  • Evidence of effectiveness or outcomes

You can back up your entry with supporting material, which should be presented separately. Make sure any such material directly supports your entry. This can include:

  • Examples of the work itself
  • User or partner testimonials
  • Statement from the commissioning organisation
  • Supporting research, evaluation or inspection reports, with relevant sections clearly highlighted
  • Press cuttings, promotional material, photographs or other material that can give the judges a flavour of how the project worked on the ground, and what it felt like to the children or young people involved

However, please do not overload the judges with material; make what you send in really count.

Entries should focus on work that was launched, or ongoing, between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017.

If you are submitting your supplementary documents in hard copy, please send the material to:

Sophie Spencer
Children & Young People Now Awards 2017
The Mark Allen Group
St Jude's Church
Dulwich Road
SE24 0PB