The Children & Young People Now Awards: Rewarding innovation, excellence and impact

The Children & Young People Now Awards have become the gold standard for everyone working with children, young people and families. Now in their fifteenth year, these awards provide a great source of pride and recognition for all those who strive day in, day out, to improve the lives of others. They offer an opportunity to raise the profile of projects and initiatives to funders and the general public.

The Awards are a tremendous showcase of learning and best practice from across the United Kingdom that can be an inspiration to all. They recognise initiatives from the public, private and voluntary sector that work with children and young people from birth to adolescence as well as their families. Initiatives might be aimed at all children and families within a community or targeted at those who are the most vulnerable or disadvantaged.

We hope you will be inspired to enter the Awards and achieve the wider recognition that your organisation’s achievements deserve.